It's funny because it's true.


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Back to schule =/


Oh the joys of school, i'd like to say I missed it over the holidays but I just can't bring myself to lie that much. Hmmmmm. . . the only lessons I am quite glad to be back in doing shtuffs would be art, drama (we're watching 'The Others' atm, so awesome :o) and musique. And of course the worst being maths, english and physics. I don't think I would EVER enjoy maths, but the others are probably down to crap teachers. Biology is behaving well at the mo., i've decided to give it more of a chance this year coz I used to like it . . . and can't remember why I stopped liking it. ICT is just taking the piss. . . MENTALLY SCARRED. . . I don't know what exactly I did to deserve to have to sit inbetween Pete and Gooch but it is not in the slightest even a bit ammusing. ICT lessons should be followed by a trip to the therapist. Next up we have. . Chemistry. Meh, only had one lesson. . Connern is alright, it's just a tad boring and nothingy. Oooh today I had "Learning to L.O.L" =D and did I learn to lol? No. No I did not.

I probably forgot some subjects but I do not care :) mainly because the forgotten ones were probably forgotten for a reason.

So yeeee-es. . . DRAMA TRIP SOON!!! Ummm. . . and. . er. . . 3 months mit Rhys today!!! :D

So yea. . erm. . . . yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas. . . -cough-

Sunday, 26 August 2007

I copied this from my deviantart, coz I am a lazy bastard.

'Eyaa. . .

I don't know what to write here, I just saw how old the last post was and recoiled in horror. It's the SUMMER HOLS!!! Although pretty soon it won't be. Haha like only a week left, but what to do in the last week? Well I've done no work whatsoever yet, and I have 2 major bits of coursework to do, half an art project and a final draft of my music composition coursework. Hmmm. . . yea maybe I should do some work =P. But art first. Because I love art. Huzzah.

Wellll. . What exactly have I done all summer? I hate how quickly everything goes now. I miss being young and fast, everything lasted so much longer then. I sound like a 50 year old. Yea I am only 15 btw =S . . . Well basically all this summer has consisted of is Raising Jayne being cancelled, which lead to hair being cut. S'bout it. Seen Rhys a lot though which is goooood :) And had a dinner party in a field last week. Ooooh and went to the pokémon convention summer day camp wotsit!! Oh how awesome that was. I gots me a Mew! And a GOODIE BAG!!! Containing a school time table [zomg], bookmark, button badge, posters. . . =D And I would very much like to go to an animé convention Rhys was talking about yesterday. I WANNA COSPLAY DAMMIT!! I have a Misa costume and nowhere to wear it!!

Oh I have been WoWing a fair amount over the summer also, got my druid up a bit, and made a warlock. . . However I can see the WoWing stopping for a while because Rhys' pc has just completely died, and I'm not renewing my subscription if Rhys ain't gonna be on it =S. I blame society. And the government. And communists. *glares*

Ye-eees. . . I said I would put some of my vampire project up. Since then I haven't actually done anything else to it, but I am going to in a minute. Or Mr.Corker may consume my brains. Or do whatever it is teachers do when you don't do anything to a project in 7 weeks. Although saying that Mr.Corker isn't really the brain-consuming type. He's more the *makes you feel really guilty and want to cry* type. He made me feel disappointed in myself for needing the toilet once. . .

I'm going to see the BRATZ film on tuesday!! ZOMG!! How COOL am I?! Well, once again I blame society. Although technically it is Big Eye's fault; they want us to watch something we wouldn't normally watch, then discuss bad points and good points about the production et cetera. I believe Rhys is making Ben and Jack come also. This should be ammusing =P.

Well i'm orff to do some of my art project.
Haz ^__^ xx

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Have s'more.

ZOMG that was WEEKS ago!!!!

SOOORRRRRRRRRYYYYYY to all my many millions of readers who are IMAGINARY!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


Yes oh yes it's that fantabulous time of the year again, SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!

Although it hasn't actually stopped raining yet. And Rhys just went to sports camp. For a week. And entire week. 7 days. 7. Days.


Life can suck sometimes. However last week we saw the Simpsons movie premiere in newport, that was cooooool. . . apart from afterwards Leigh and Rhys made me walk to newport, despite my fevery headacheness. Ooh and we saw Transformers last week ^__^. That was coooool =]

Oh yea and Raising Jayne has been cancelled. ¬_¬ Completely. Apparently because of 'management' but there have been other rumours. Oh wells. Only 2 years down the toilet -eyeroll-. Still, now I have SHORT HAIR!!! :o

So it's on the border line of good and bad atm. I'll let you decide.

I would stop writing around about now, but I am SOOOO bored now that Rhys has gone, I will just continue to type meaningless dribble.

Okay so what should I tell you all. Hummmmm. . . . OOOOOOhhhhhh i got WoW!!! Like, properly!! And got a new account, i'm on the European server, in Darkspear. My main character atm is Misamisa, come and say 'hey-loo!' if you wish.

Erm. . so. . yeea. . what should I do? Create a video? Write some music? Make a new piczo? Make another kind of webby? Sit hear listening to music ALL day? And week? Play WoW constantly with no break? Hmmmm. . if I made a video, what could it be about? An amv, but what movie or series? Huh? ANSWER ME THAT!!!

Hmm. . I shall think about this and get back to you.

Fare-thee-well xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


. . .okay forget that. I'm 'over it' you could say.

Aaaaaaanyways. .

I'm oh so extremely bored. I should've gone to Jujitsu tonight with my sister, i had arranged to and all but i was just too lazy :( But i am actually reeeally tired, and my arm has hurt since monday. . why don't they warm up before Aiedo? Why? . . oh well.

I have nothing to say. This is how fun my life is.

N'argh. Poop.

It's my dad's birthday the day after tomorrow, i thought we'd be doing some kind of birthday-evening-dinner-thing as is the way with birthdays, only my mum said to me earlier "do you want to see Rhys in chepstow again on friday after school?" . . are they hiding something from me? Trying to get me out of the house? Or maybe they WANT me to see Rhys . . . for some reason. . hmmm all interesting yet hard-to-believe reasons. . . but i ain't complaining, i haven't seen Rhys since. . since . . SUNDAY! -dies-

Either way, yay :)

Shhttiillll. . . This doesn't stop my current bordum level rising, if that is possible. No. I think not.

I'm orrrff now. LoveLove[toRhys] =] xXx

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I. . . haven't posted in ages.

Hummmmm. . . The reason for that is a) I forgot and b) I don't think reading my random ramblings is really that entertaining. Dani is sat next to me and says it is. Haha. . LIES!

Well nothing has exactly happened. . . Ooh, apart from it was Dani's birthday last week and she had a rather. . amusing. . party. Two words: Becky Spice. - just about sums it up in one. Or should i say two.

Aaanyways, i am sat in an IT room at school feeling sorry for myself. Though i'm not sure i can be arsed to continue feeling sorry for myself coz it's getting a bit boring, esp as i don't even know what i have done in order to feel sorry for myself about. That made sense in my head.

Perhaps i have just been a general idiot. Perhaps i have actually done something extremely taboo and terrible and i just don't realise it. All these queries should be directed at . . . well the one person i thought was helping me to feel better. Not worse.

But then, you see, i know exactly what *this person* would be thinking if he ever read this. Something about failing? Although, possibly not. If i really HAVE done something so incredibly wrong that i am no longer worthy of being spoken to then they wouldn't be thinking that. Perhaps this person is doing this to prove their 'i'm going to fail' theory correct. Perhaps i am being a total and utter bastard by writing all of this here so anyone can read it.

Well i have grown more obsessed with this one person over the last few days which hasnt helped the sudden 'lets all ignore hazel' thing. Why aren't i allowed to be happy without something happening?


-anger- . . .

But then, something else, not to do with me, could have happened to said person to make them not want to talk. This is a valid reason for the lack-of-communication, however i do feel completely untrusted and not really necessary. I think. . i think too much. But do you see what i mean? . . . Hmmmm

Monday, 25 June 2007


Well. . . It's rained an ocean in the last week, seriously. . most of it has ended up in my room. Then down through to my dining room. On my art. Which wasn't too bad, as the white splodges actually look quite cool . . . well Mr.Corker liked them =P Still, WHOLE DAY OF ART TOMORROW!! =D that's like 2 whole weeks of lessons worth. . . i'm gonna work on my sketch book and the layout of pages and shizz. . . and i might do some photo editing on some pics of people to make them gothic/vampirey. . . should be fuuuun =]

Hmm. . . June is completely suckish. . . and it's nearly over. . . awww crap summer ahead, i can sense it :( It can't be crap. . . I MUST HAVE POOL PARTIES DAMMIT!!

Oh well. I could always go in my pool in the rain. . i've done it before. . yea, it was cold, and yea, i didn't really have fun. . but that's besides the point. POOL PARTY! . . yea. . =S

I am also becoming obsessed with the song 'Under the Stars' by And then I turned seven. It's so incredibly cheesey and mushy but i'm good with that atm =]

Got nothing else to say really. Other than I love Rhys. ^____^

LoveLove xxxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


NARGH! Evil Evil EEVVIIILLL rain. . . it just leaked through MY roof, into MY room, drenching ALL MY STUFF. I have 2 ruined books, some others that are just completely soaked, the plug board by my bed is drenched =S all the various pictures and notepads i had down there are also ruined. . . :'( and my bed is wet. . .

I think i'll sleep in here tonight. Stupid rain. ¬¬

Had the second science exam yesterday, twaz eeeeeasy. . . although saying that i probably did crap =P lol

Hrrrmmmm. . . I'm so tired. . . Don't know why, i've been sleeping okay. =/ Oh well. . .

Can't wait for friday :) xXxXxXxXx